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WRCCA Italia 2022

WRCCA Italia 2022
Photo: WRCCA Italia

WRCCA Italia Championship was officially held for the second time on the first weekend of October, on the rocks of Montegrino Valtravaglia, Italy. Andrea Ceresini told us about the event, who achieved good results, 2nd place in Sportman and 3rd place in PRO categories.

The Courses

The organizers of the competition held 5 courses, in 3 categories: 2.2 PRO, 2.2 Sportsman and Performance Scale. And an extra challenge, a small and nice comp in 2 night courses on Saturday evening. There were 30 drivers in the Performance Scale category.

The very technical courses saw the strongest drivers challenge each other to the last gate. One of the most exciting competition was certainly the Performance Scale category, because the gaps in the first 3 positions left no possibility of error for the competitors. The comps were very exciting and in many cases the time or a few points was decisive for the positions.

Andrea said it was a very exciting competition as the strongest drivers were forced to keep their concentration strong until the end!

PROCRAWLER® team’s Factory Driver Massimo Bonvini and Team Driver Alessandro Mariani were also able to stand on the podium. At the WRCCA Italia 2021 Championship, Massimo Bonvini took 1st place and Alessandro Mariani took 2nd place in Performance Scale category.

WRCCA Italia 2022
Photo: WRCCA Italia

Final Results

Many thanks to all the competitors for their participation and the high quality performance!

Performance Scale:

  1. Paolo Bianco – Snake Evo
  2. Massimo BonviniYuuki™ FS1 V1
  3. Massimiliano Loi – Proto

Performance Scale Night Stage:

  1. Alessandro Mariani – Flatgekko™ C23 V2R
  2. Massimo BonviniYuuki™ FS1 V1
  3. Silvio Nicolazzi – Rocket


  1. Patrice Bagnol
  2. Andrea Ceresini
  3. Guido Friedmann


  1. Patrice Bagnol
  2. Guido Friedmann
  3. Andrea Ceresini

About WRCCA Italia

The organizers say that despite the fact that it is an event called the “Italian Championship”, it is open to everyone, and they are honored by the participation of many drivers from the surrounding countries. The drivers at the end of the event expressed their desire to return even more next year. This is a clear sign that the competitors were satisfied and both the event’s organizers and drivers can be proud of themselves.

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