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Axial SCX6: All-New 1/6 Scale Rock Crawler Concept

Axial SCX6: All-New 1/6 Scale Rock Crawler Concept
Photo: Axial

Fans of rock crawling, large-scale models, and Jeep® vehicles alike will be thrilled with the extreme detail and high-performance functionality of the SCX6™ Jeep® JLU Wrangler 4WD RTR. At 1/6 scale, it takes Axial® off-road adventuring to a new level. Let’s see and take a look at what qualities it has!

This SCX6 Jeep® JLU Wrangler 4WD arrives in a massive box and the rig is secured inside in styrofoam. You have two color choices for this scale machine, silver or green. The beast comes ready to run, built, electronics installed, painted, detailed and all you need to do is install radio batteries, the main pack and supply a charger.

BFGoodrich® KM3 Tires

Rolls on massive 7” tall BFGoodrich® KM3 tires, what provide excellent grip and ground clearance. They’re mounted on licensed Black Rhino “Primm” injection-molded, 3-piece beadlock wheels so that the tires can be removed and replaced easily without gluing.

Jeep® JLU Wrangler Scale Body

Mirrors it’s full-size counterpart because of Axial has a long term partnership with Jeep and it’s only natural they launch with their partner’s iconic body type. The 1/6 scale size allows more room for impressive detail for example molded fender flares, wipers, handles, latches, fuel door and mirrors attached to the pre-cut and painted shell. The windows are clear and tinted with decal. Inside you’ll see a full interior with driver figure and roll bars. And… when the sun goes down, functioning LED headlights and taillights add even more realism.

Axial SCX6: All-New 1/6 Scale Rock Crawler Concept
Photo: Axial

The SCX6 Jeep® Chassis

Based on the proven SCX10™ III, the SCX6 chassis might be considered its big brother. The frame is stamped steel two piece rail on each side and composite cross braces strengthen the frame and the body. A chassis mounted steering bracket is fitted up front and here is also a radio box.

AR90 Sraight Axles

The SCX6™ includes AR90 “Standard” axles with a heavy-duty spool. The durable, three piece axle housing is reinforced by a molded truss up top, and extra triangulation below, making this a solidly built, rugged design.

3-Link Front/4-Link Rear Suspension

For optimal handling, the SCX6™ suspension has a three-link Panhard front and four-link rear suspension setup. The front suspension has been optimized to reduce bump steer, while the rear four-link reduces torque twist. It also helps with steep off-camber climbs by having the proper amount of anti-squat and roll characteristics. The four-link system also aids against suspension wrap-up in high power applications. All links are metal including the steering. All pivot points are on stainless steel balls that provide a durable, long-lasting suspension point.

Aluminum Adjustable Coilover Shocks

The oil-filled shocks have aluminum threaded bodies and a single coilover spring. The shocks are tunable for achieving the best dampening rate. The large bore size creates more fluid volume for better performance. Additional mounting points allow you to further fine tune your suspension settings.

Axial SCX6: All-New 1/6 Scale Rock Crawler Concept
Photo: Axial

WILDBOAR™ Driveshafts

SCX6 front and rear driveshafts feature a design with a large diameter cross pin (3.5x17mm) along with an M6 Screw Shaft for added strength. A center splined slider floats between each end of the monster 17 mm Diameter drive shafts!

Universal Joint Axles

The front universal joint axles provide more steering, and smoother action for a higher performing, efficient drivetrain.

SPEKTRUM™ 1200KV Sensored Brushless Motor

The included Spektrum™ system includes a waterproof sensored motor and ESC, developed especially for the SCX6 and its crawler style application. The ESC is rated at 120A, and is fully programmable with the use of our optional Spektrum™ Smart ESC Programming Update Box (SPMXCA200). The 1200Kv motor is larger than most sensored motors with dimensions of 56mm in diameter and 84mm in length.

Two-speed Metal Gear Transmission

Out of the box, the Axial® SCX6 Jeep® JLU Wrangler 4WD RTR is configured for two speeds with high and low gears. A Spektrum™ S614 Metal-Gear Servo is included for the two-speed linkage.

SPEKTRUM™ S905 Steering Servo

Included and installed, the waterproof Spektrum™ S905 Large-Scale Metal-Gear Servo produces impressive torque (537.72 oz-in at 6V, 555.50 oz-in at 7V) for responsive, dependable steering control. The chassis will also accept larger 1/5 scale servos, if desired, with the included adapter.

SPEKTRUM™ FIRMA™ Crawler 120A Sensored Brushless Smart ESC

The factory-installed, waterproof Firma™ Crawler 120A Smart ESC delivers power and intelligence all-in-one — no additional vehicle modules or links required. This brushless ESC gives your SCX6 Jeep® JLU Wrangler 4WD the ultimate drive while feeding important telemetry data straight to your DX3™ transmitter in real time.

Axial SCX6: All-New 1/6 Scale Rock Crawler Concept
Photo: Axial

SPEKTRUM™ DX3™ 2.4GHz DSMR® Transmitter

The included Spektrum™ DX3™ radio features exclusive DSMR® technology for superior range, response, and interference resistance. It’s also fully compatible with the Smart telemetry potential provided by the vehicle’s installed Spektrum™ Firma™ 120A Smart ESC.

SR515 DSMR® Receiver

Built around frequency-agile DSMR® technology, the SR515 receiver delivers superb range and response, especially in noisy RF environments where a solid 2.4GHz link is crucial. Not only is the 2.4ghz link solid, this model also implements our lightning fast 5.5ms frame rate, providing a quicker, low-latency connection for the pro-level enthusiast.


The good size and capability are sure to grab a lot of builders attention. Axial nailed it with the release giving us little to complain about!


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