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FLYSKY FS-G7P: The 7-Channel Remote Control

FLYSKY FS-G7P: The 7-Channel Remote Control

Shenzhen Flysky Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and has been specializing in RC technology for 12 years, they have 2 specialist branches in china.

Their Shenzhen branch specializes in the research and development of high-quality, industry leading products. While their Dongguan branch, boasting the latest in production technology, turns their innovations into reality expectations.

They have been working to bring many new, innovative, reliable products to the market. From the initial design phase, right through to rigorous testing including and product certification.

FS-G7P 7-Channel Remote Control

As a result of continuous improvements, the new FLYSKY FS-G7P remote control was introduced in March. They specifically highlighted that it has 7 channels and received CE+FCC dual certification. Many people use the FLYSKY FS-GT5 version of the brand, which is also a very good transmitter. But now here’s the FLYSKY FS-G7P, which has many new functions! Also can be used for cars, boats and robots.

Powerful chip

Two-way data transmissions: signal strength can be sent back. For the standard reciever, it supports the back transmission of the detected BVD battery voltage. The sensors such as speed, temperature and coltage are supported.
Powerful mixer funtions: five groups of programming mixer + one group of steering mixer, track professoinal mixer (dual engine mixer) and 4WS crawler spesial mixer.
Display in English and Chinese, meeting different user demands.
Support the switching between the one-way and two-way communication modes.
Two-in-one ESC parameters can be set.

FLYSKY FS-G7P: The 7-Channel Remote Control

Reasonable controls

The use of the FLYSKY FS-G7P Remote Control is consistent due to the many knobs and sets of switches, used on demand.

Excellent UI design

Lightweight and compact due to only 305g in weight. With the built-in single antenna, it is not easy to damage. Diversified UI design with enhancing the visual experience.

Supporting multiple types of interfaces

The FLYSKY FS-G7P has a Type C data port so you can easily update the firmware, you can connect external power supply to power FS-G7P transmitter and support the direct connection to simulators and racing games such as VRC, F1 2018/2019, SANS, Spinning Tire and Eurocar through the USB cable.

CE FCC dual certification

In line with the dual certification of CE and FCC, the remote control distance is great than 300 meters, with meeting the control needs.

Reliable battery lifetime

The 4 x 1300mAh Ni-MH batteries with the service life of more than 10 hours under the circumstance of full charge.


This 7-channel remote control is a great choice for beginners as well, not only because of its price, but it has a beginner mode, easy to handle, and very versatile and durable.


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