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Grind 328: Ultra Light LCG OD Transmission By PROCRAWLER®

Grind 328: Ultra Light LCG OD Transmission By PROCRAWLER®

PROCRAWLER® team recommends their new Grind™ 328 LCG OD Transmission to real connoisseurs. The product was tested by none other than the well-known Massimo “Max” Bonvini. Massimo is the only Factory Driver on the team who designed the Flatgekko™ C23 Maxxx™ LCG Chassis System along with the Team.

Let’s see after the Grind 431™ LCG OD Transmission what the team showed up!

Straight Front. Portal Rear.

Business in the front, party in the rear. The Grind™ 328 LCG OD Transmission was designed specially for the more and more trending straight front and portal rear axle performance setup.

Having the significant part of the RTR (Ready-To-Run) weight in the front, the straight axle keeps your COG (Center Of Gravity) as low as possible while the portal gives tons of clearance with somewhat higher COG but having less weight in rear.

28% Overdrive On Your Hand

They say that the overdrive is one of your best friends when it comes to competition level scale rock crawling. And overdrive is maths. That’s why they engineered the perfect overdrive rate for the Grind™ 328 LCG OD Transmission and your straight front / portal rear setup.

Lightened & Hardened Custom Chromoly Gears

They had been researching the the proper gears for the Grind ™ 328 LCG OD Transmission for long months, but not finding it, so they decided to design and manufacture the perfect gearing on their own.

The all-new lightened gear design and the hardened chromoly material together make the Grind™ 328 gearing super light, strong and durable while the M0.5 modulus teeth ensure ultra smooth running.

Grind 328: Ultra Light LCG OD Transmission By PROCRAWLER®

2.5mm Toray® Premium High-Grade Graphite Motorplate

The already known and well-proven ultimate Toray® premium high-grade graphite material was used for the motormount plate. This is ultra light but still super strong, as we already experienced at the C23 V2/V2R chassis rails, all in all the perfect motorplate material.

Ultra Light High-Tech Nylon Polymer Housing

Crafting the lightest but still powerful LCG OD transmission in its class requires careful engineering when it comes to materials. Net weight only 54 gramm, and with skid 85 gramm.

That’s why they decided to use the super light and rock solid PA12 high-tech nylon polymer paired with the high-end SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D printing technology for the housing of the Grind™ 328 LCG OD Transmission with metal inserts for long lasting threads.

Custom Stainless Steel Shafts

Smooth running depends on several elements of a competition level LCG transmission. One of them are the properly designed and manufactured shafts.

Therefore, they engineered the perfect custom stainless steel shafts for the Grind™ 328 LCG OD Transmission to support its butter smooth running on a long term basis.

High-Performance & Durable Bearings

They have looked into and tested dozens of bearings until they found the perfect ones for the Transmission.

The high-performance and durable oiled stainless steel bearings run smooth like a breath of fresh air but are resistant to dust and mud.

Carefully Engineered Gear Ratios

Gear ratios must be carefully engineered fitting the purpose of use and the straight front / portal rear setup needs a special care.

PROCRAWLER® R/C team defined the gearing of the Grind™ 328 LCG OD Transmission to fit the needs of this special scale rock crawler setup.

The Front Transmission Output Ratio is 1.95:1, and the Rear Transmission Output Ratio is 1.35:1.

Grind 328: Ultra Light LCG OD Transmission By PROCRAWLER®

Dedicated C23 V1/V2/V2R, 6º Re-Angled & Straight Skid Options

The tranny is a seamless fit for their C23 V2R LCG Chassis System for sure but was designed to also fit any chassis rails no matter if having angled or straight skid line. That’s why the Grind 328™ is available with C23 V2R, 6º re-angled and straight skid options. It’s up to us to decide!

Made In Europe

Grind™ 328 LCG OD Transmission is designed in-house by the engineering artists of Team PROCRAWLER® in Hungary/Europe.

High-quality production is processed on state-of-the-art Hungarian and Italian 3D printers and CNC machines so the Grind 328™ is crafted of the finest that the EU has.


Grind™ 328 Transmission is the ultimate LCG OD transmission for your straight front and portal rear scale rock crawler setup.


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Flatgekko™ Grind 431 LCG OD Transmission. Superlight. Superlow.

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Flatgekko™ Grind 431 LCG OD Transmission. Superlight. Superlow.
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