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ISRCC™ ES Season 2022

ISRCC™ ES Season 2022
Photo: Linekillaz Compz™

ISRCC™ ES 2022 the very first ISRCC™ ES Official event is in the books for now. The two-day event took place in Madrid, Spain, on May 14-15.

The Courses

The Event Manager of ISRCC™ ES Season 2022 was Julian Ponzano and Javier Barahona also put a lot of effort into this competition event. The next stop in the ISRCC™ Comp will be in France on June 26th.

About the ISRCC™ Comp

ISRCC™ 2022 is the official competition event of ISRCC™ International Scale Rock Crawler Championship founded by IRCCF® (International Radio Controlled Rock Crawler Competitors Federation) with 10 gates and a maximum time limit of 10 minutes per course. Number of courses per day yet to be determined depending on the total number of registered comp drivers.

ISRCC™ is a global performance-driven scale rock crawler competition event format and aimed to provide premium quality annual competitions worldwide for all the drivers who keep challenging the limits of their scale rock crawlers and driver skills.

The ISRCC™ Ruleset is proudly based on the actual WRCCA Performance Scale rules with minor modifications belonging to the scope of localization.


On ISRCC™ Comp the top 3 drivers will be rewarded by high-value sponsor products depending on their ranking position.

Besides rewarding the top 3 podiumists also 1000+ EUR value of sponsor products are offered to raffle on ISRCC™ Comps. All registration fees include 1 raffle ticket and drivers can add unlimited number of additional raffle tickets on the registration form.

Final Results

ISRCC™ ES Season 2022
Photo: Linekillaz Compz™

Many thanks to all the competitors for their participation and the high quality performance!

  1. Felix Ascanio
  2. David Escobar
  3. Javier Barahona – Flatgekko™ C23 V2

Competition Sponsors:

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