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ISRCC™ FR Season 2022

ISRCC™ FR Season 2022
Photo: Linekillaz Compz™

ISRCC™ FR 2022 the very first ISRCC™ FR Official event is in the books for now. This was the second stop in ISRCC™ International Scale Rock Crawler Championship. The next one, the ISRCC™ UK, will take place in Scotland on 27-28 August.

The Courses

The Event Manager of ISRCC™ FR Season 2022 was Aymeric Margnat. The recognition is not just his, his whole team has put a lot of effort into this competition event. The event was in a good mood and 22 drivers attended it.

The ISRCC™ Ruleset is proudly based on the actual WRCCA Performance Scale rules with minor modifications belonging to the scope of localization.


On ISRCC™ Comp the top 3 drivers will be rewarded by high-value sponsor products depending on their ranking position.

Besides rewarding the top 3 podiumists also 1000+ EUR value of sponsor products are offered to raffle on ISRCC™ Comps. All registration fees include 1 raffle ticket and drivers can add unlimited number of additional raffle tickets on the registration form.

Final Results

ISRCC™ FR Season 2022
Photo: Linekillaz Compz™

Many thanks to all the competitors for their participation and the high quality performance!

  1. Aymeric Margnat
  2. Georges Figueiredo
  3. Michel Morand

Competition Sponsors:

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