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Murder Hornet: All-New Sensored Outrunner Motor For Axial SCX6 by 3Brothers

Photo: 3Brothers

About Axial SCX6

The ready-to-run SCX6 Jeep® JLU Wrangler 4WD brings a whole new dimension to RC crawling. And Axial® engineers have done it right! Realistic details and powerful features are stunning.

The new SCX6 is based on the proven SCX10 ™ III chassis. Extremely durable and performance thanks to the AR90 axles. Chassis has a three-link Panhard front and four-link rear suspension setup for optimal handling. Transmission offers high and low gears out of the box, with a Spectrum ™ S614 Metal-Gear Servo included and installed for the two-speed linkage.

Spektrum™ system includes a waterproof sensored brushless motor and a fully programmable ESC (120 A). The 1200KV motor is larger than most sensored motors.

It has 7” tall BFGoodrich® KM3 tires provide excellent grip. The SCX6 Jeep® JLU Wrangler 4WD is ready to go anywhere. Functioning LED headlights and taillights add even more realism.

Meet Murder Hornet: Sensored Outrunner For Axial SCX6

3BrothersRC is making a lot of news until Christmas. Keep watching because they have in store for you in the upcoming days.

They are going to start a new project what called the Murder Hornet, and it is pissed off! This sensored outrunner is almost a pound lighter than the stock motor in SCX6.

3BrothersRC posted on their Facebook Fanpage, that it crawls better, and it has twice the power and they are keeping it black (Murder….Hornet 8). It makes the SCX6 Jeep® a super fun machine and the Murder Hornet is 6s rated.

And they are already in the building process! It will probably be available by the first of the year!

Photo: 3BrothersRC

3Brothers: Maker Of Performance Crawler RC Electronics

The 3BrothersRC is making innovative and reliable electronics for your RC truck or car.


3BrothersRC’s innovation takes SCX6 to a new level. It makes the SCX6 construction a much better crawler and fills it with twice as much force.


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Flatgekko™ Grind 431 LCG OD Transmission. Superlight. Superlow.
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